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Easter Comic

Delight children aged under 11 with this comic-strip retelling of the Easter story. Through the high-quality illustration and text, children will encounter the true story of Easter, together with quizzes, puzzles, facts and information to help them engage with the story more fully

Love live live advent

Make room for the manger this December with Love Life Live Advent, an all-age resource to help children and families celebrate the run-up to Christmas. Following in the footsteps of the million-copy selling Love Life Live Lent, Love Life Live Advent provides a simple prayer activity for children and families to do together, every day of December until Christmas Day. Brightly illustrated throughout, and written by one of today's most popular writers, Paula Gooder, with her husband, Peter Babington, a parish priest, it is designed to heighten children's anticipation of Christmas and to enrich everyone's understanding of the season of waiting and preparation.

Can I ask that?

Teenagers are tired of vague, superficial, or nonexistent answers to their tough questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity. Just when they’re capable of diving into the deep end of their faith, all too often the church keeps them splashing around in shallow waters. As eight years of Sticky Faith research on teenagers has shown, it’s not doubt or hard questions that are toxic to faith. It’s silence. The trusted voice of the Fuller Youth Institute and proven best practices from churches around the country converge to provide you tools both to start conversations about hard questions, as well as to lead students toward discovering their own faith convictions - See more at:

Pretty much everything you need to know about working with…under 5’s, 5-7s. 8-10s, 11-14s.

These books give a great background to working with each particular age group and also lots of practical advice for running your group and helping the young people to explore the bible together.

God and me

God and Me aims to help children find out all about God: what he is like, how he cares for them, and how he wants them to live in his world. Ideal for families with younger children to use together.

West of Scotland Bible Society

The West of Scotland Bible Society can provide Bibles in all versions for Baptisms, weddings, presentations, youth and children's groups, or for personal use. The ask for a donation of 50% of the retail cost and delivery is free.

The Penny Gospel

The Penny Gospel is a special edition of Luke’s Gospel with inspiring stories of sporting men and women who believe their faith is worth More Than Gold. It’s priced at 1p allowing churches to order multiple copies and give thousands of them away in the run up and during the Commonwealth Games (£10 = 1,000 copies). It’s a tool to help Christians share their faith, pass on the Word of God to others and has the potential to change many people’s lives.

Love life live lent

It will soon be Lent, this is a great wee book from the church of England. This could give your group a real chance to serve their community, families and friends through one simple action each day as we prepare to celebrate Easter.

Water bugs and dragonflies

This book uses the analogy of the waterbugs' short life under water as human's time on earth and their emergence as dragonflies into the bright sunlit world above the water as human's life after death. It is designed to provide adults with the opportunity to talk about death as being part of the life cycle, which can be a reassuring way of explaining death to children.

Action bible devotional

The Action Bible Devotional pairs selected stories from the bestselling Action Bible with spiritual lessons and action-adventure missions that launch kids’ faith into everyday life. Covering themes such as friendship, temptation, sibling rivalry, self-esteem, and materialism, The Action Bible Devotional offers a year’s worth of activities, questions, and ideas that will keep young readers engaged with the Bible every day. Every week’s story includes: · Key Verse—a highlight from the story you just read · X-Ray Vision—thoughts to connect the story with your life · Your Mission—three ideas to put the themes into action · Your Debrief—three questions to spark some brain cells · Mission Accomplished—your place to make notes

Always and forever

A book to help children with grief and loss of a loved one. When Fox dies the rest of his family are absolutely distraught. How will Mole, Otter and Hare go on without their beloved friend? But, months later, Squirrel reminds them all of how funny Fox used to be, and they realise that Fox is still there in their hearts and memories.

Badger’s parting gifts

A book to help children with grief and loss of a loved one. Badger is so old that he knows he will soon die. He tries to prepare his friends for this event, but when he does die, they are still grief-stricken. Gradually they come to terms with their grief by remembering all the practical things Badger taught them, and so Badger lives on in his friends' memories of him.


TAKE THIS – is great wee monthly activity/comic booklet produced by children in Hexham Abbey. It is aimed at 8-11 year olds and is a very good resource. You can order for a specific event e.g. Harvest, Christmas, Easter, but the booklets are produced each month. There isn’t an exact price but they give suggestions for a donation towards their production costs.

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