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An Easter Story “Friends”

A little re telling of Jesus meeting his friends on the shores of Galilee after his resurrection. Suitable for children/adults to mime to while someone reads aloud. Lots of party poppers or confetti at the end works well!

Top Ten Games

Top ten games for teenagers and children, with a few wee pointers as to how to make games really good.

Youthwork Magazine

A useful monthly magazine for anyone involved in youth ministry with interesting articles and useful resources. £36 annual subscription (£34 if paying by direct debit)

Childrenswork Magazine

This bimonthly magazine is really useful for anyone involved with children's ministry, with interesting articles, and resources. It is good value at £18 annual subscription (£16 if paying by direct debit)

About Connecting Points

Connecting Points is a initiative of the Parish Development Committee of Hamilton Presbytery, The Church of Scotland. For further information, please contact Linda Walker.