Resources: Times and seasons

No Rehearsal Nativity Play

Traditional nativity plays can be made more challenging if a series of rehearsals is needed or if the leader feels unskilled for the process. Such plays also exclude any who are visiting the church when the performance takes place. A no-rehearsal nativity bypasses all of these limitations— and so makes for a less stressful run‑up to the event.

Easter Comic

Delight children aged under 11 with this comic-strip retelling of the Easter story. Through the high-quality illustration and text, children will encounter the true story of Easter, together with quizzes, puzzles, facts and information to help them engage with the story more fully

Lent and Easter Resources

Numerous ideas and resources for our Lent preparations and Easter Celebrations.

Advent cards

Advent cards for each day of Advent for children and families to think about during the waiting for Christmas.

Love live live advent

Make room for the manger this December with Love Life Live Advent, an all-age resource to help children and families celebrate the run-up to Christmas. Following in the footsteps of the million-copy selling Love Life Live Lent, Love Life Live Advent provides a simple prayer activity for children and families to do together, every day of December until Christmas Day. Brightly illustrated throughout, and written by one of today's most popular writers, Paula Gooder, with her husband, Peter Babington, a parish priest, it is designed to heighten children's anticipation of Christmas and to enrich everyone's understanding of the season of waiting and preparation.

Angry Hotel Man Songbook and Audio CD

A fun musical drama telling the story of a busy innkeeper who gets grumpier and grumpier as a peaceful night’s sleep is disturbed by many strange and wonderful visitors. There are 2 versions lasting 8 or 18 minutes making this a flexible and versatile resource suitable for children aged 7-11.

Transition Season ideas

There is a lot of good stuff here. The ideas are set in an American context but also from a wide variety of theological traditions - well worth a look and taking some time to think how they could be adapted to Scotland and your own situation.

Supporting young people during exam time

Ideas for churches to help support young people during their exams and also helpful advice for young people sitting exams, worth a look.

An Easter Story “Friends”

A little re telling of Jesus meeting his friends on the shores of Galilee after his resurrection. Suitable for children/adults to mime to while someone reads aloud. Lots of party poppers or confetti at the end works well!

The real Easter Egg

Out of the 80 million chocolate Easter eggs sold each year in the UK, The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter. We also give a sizeable donation from profits and Fairtrade Premium fees, to our farmers allowing them to invest in their community buying everything from school books and solar panels to providing fresh water. The Real Easter Egg is now in its fourth year of production with more than 400,000 sold so far

Easter Story Eggs

A simple interactive way of sharing the Easter Story with children using plastic eggs!

The Games

The Games is a one day school-based activity programme based on Christian values which is ideal for pupils aged 8 to 11 (although is easily adapted for younger or older ones.) It is a day that mixes fun and activity with educational curriculum-based sessions that incorporate PE, RE, PHSE, Art, Geography and other areas. The material reflects the specific context of working in schools and so is suitable for schools and pupils of all faiths or none. The Games was run very successfully for thousands of pupils as part of More Than Gold’s response to the London 2012 Games and this new material has been specifically written as part of More than Gold’s programme for the Commonwealth Games.

Love life live lent

It will soon be Lent, this is a great wee book from the church of England. This could give your group a real chance to serve their community, families and friends through one simple action each day as we prepare to celebrate Easter.

Water bugs and dragonflies

This book uses the analogy of the waterbugs' short life under water as human's time on earth and their emergence as dragonflies into the bright sunlit world above the water as human's life after death. It is designed to provide adults with the opportunity to talk about death as being part of the life cycle, which can be a reassuring way of explaining death to children.

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

Holocaust Memorial day takes place at the end of the January, it may be your schools are asking for help and input from you for this event. If so have a look at the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust website there are assembly ideas, images, powerpoints, videos, and a theme to use to design your event around.

Always and forever

A book to help children with grief and loss of a loved one. When Fox dies the rest of his family are absolutely distraught. How will Mole, Otter and Hare go on without their beloved friend? But, months later, Squirrel reminds them all of how funny Fox used to be, and they realise that Fox is still there in their hearts and memories.

Badger’s parting gifts

A book to help children with grief and loss of a loved one. Badger is so old that he knows he will soon die. He tries to prepare his friends for this event, but when he does die, they are still grief-stricken. Gradually they come to terms with their grief by remembering all the practical things Badger taught them, and so Badger lives on in his friends' memories of him.


TAKE THIS – is great wee monthly activity/comic booklet produced by children in Hexham Abbey. It is aimed at 8-11 year olds and is a very good resource. You can order for a specific event e.g. Harvest, Christmas, Easter, but the booklets are produced each month. There isn’t an exact price but they give suggestions for a donation towards their production costs.

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